I’ll take of advantage of my sudden interest in blogging again, to share with you some exciting news (lets see how long this lasts). In September a new journal will be launched called “Health Systems and Reform”. The goal of the journal is to provide a new forum for academic reviews and analysis of health system issues. I have thought that there was a need for such a journal for a long time and so I am so happy to see it happen.

According to the publisher:

HS&R will provide cutting-edge academic analysis and critical review of national and sub-national public health, health policy, and management issues; comparative health system analyses; and health policy transfer and translation to a system’s local determinants. The journal will emphasize the analysis of health reforms in ways that advance understanding of the consequences and processes of reform in order to improve the performance of health systems and hence the lives of patients around the world.

As a health systems researcher, one with interdisciplinary interests, I have found it challenging at time to figure out where some of my work belongs. Medical journals are too clinical and many of the leading global health policy journals have strict word limits, making it hard to publish studies of complex health system issues. The journal will also be an open access journal. The first edition will likely be published around the time of the upcoming health systems research conference in Cape Town, so if you are going there (and yes, you should) then I am sure you will be hearing a lot more about it then. The first issue is more or less full but submission for the second issue is September 1, 2014. So get your papers ready and under review.

Personal disclosure: I was so thrilled about this new journal I also agreed to serve on the editorial board for the journal, so I might be a bit biased with regards to my views of this journal, in a geeky nerdy sort of way.

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