Pinterest and Global Health

On September 11, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Karen Grepin

I try to keep up – or even ahead – with trends in technology and social media. I own almost every product Apple has ever made, including a Mac laptop that dates before the MacBook (and that still works by the way). I’ve been on Facebook for almost 6 years, blogging for over 4 years, and on Twitter for almost the same amount of time. Although I sometimes need my 2 year old son to turn on the TV for me, I might appear technologically savvy…to some people.

So when I started hearing the buzz about another social media platform – Pinterest – I tried to figure what it was all about. I really tried, but honestly, I didn’t get it. But this summer, while on maternity leave, I gave it another try. It turns out perusing pictures of the cutest dresses and most beautiful recipes at 3 in the morning is exactly what my baby brain was looking for. So I guess I can now say that I am officially on Pinterest.

In the back of my head, though, I have been trying hard to figure out how to use this with my work as I do with Twitter and other forms of social media. Advocacy immediately jumped to mind, but despite my searches (by the way, I think the Pinterest search engines are terrible) I have not actually found much global health advocacy efforts on Pinterest yet.

Global Health Media guru Jaclyn Schiff alerted me this morning to one organization that is giving it a go. UNICEF has recently launched a ficitional profile of a young girl from Sierra Leone, Ami Musa, who has been putting things on her board of things she really wants. So while I am lusting over the new non-traditional Ramen shop in Carroll Gardens, she is lusting over clean water and a bowl of rice for dinner. A bit of badvocacy, perhaps, but perhaps this might prove to be a useful medium for many social causes to get the message out.

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13 Responses to “Pinterest and Global Health”

  1. Brian says:

    Oh, darn. The bummers have invaded Pinterest. This marks the day of its demise as a leading edge technology. Debbie Downer is in love.

    (Said semi-facetiously.)

    • Brian says:

      e.g. to be clear – I am commenting snarkily about the insular nature of social media and avante garde technology and its consumers.

  2. Pinterest and Global Health -will be interesting to see how well the platform can be leveraged…

  3. rsgold says:

    Sorry for the missed link on Pinterest and Global Health @karengrepin @umdpublichealth @sophetweets

  4. Amy says:

    Ah, Pinterest is amazing! Although it is far too distracting when I’m trying to work : )

    Amy@Dr Fox

  5. daphne says:

    interesting.. Pinterest will surely help on this field 😀

  6. Pinterest and Global Health #logistics

  7. Marlawilson says:

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  8. Tonny says:

    the development of technology and social media such as pinterest will help valuable information such as health information can spread faster to the world

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