No excuses

On July 2, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Karen Grepin

As you might have observed, blogging has been low on my list of priorities for the past few months. Since I also hate those “I have been very busy” blog posts, I’ve decided not to make any excuses for my absence from cyberspace. Instead, I have decided to adopt a different tactic: I am going brag about the wonderful things that have been keeping me away from my computer.

The most wonderful thing that has happened, and the one that I am sure you can all agree I have a right to brag about, is the arrival of my second little boy – Adrien Jules Grépin – who was born just over 6 weeks ago in New York City. Like my older boy, who turned 2 just a few weeks before his little brother’s entrance into the world, he has been an easy going baby but one who has not yet figured out how to sleep more than about 4 hours in a row. Both of them have been keeping me on the go – day and night, especially between 5-8 a.m. – but a happy mom.

Luckily, Adrien held off long enough for me to finish teaching another great semester of international health economics at NYU – a course I enjoy teaching more and more each year. I have also been fortunate enough to be working on some projects that are currently launching in Kenya to evaluate the impact of mHealth technologies on health care utilization and health care savings behavior of pregnant women. I also manage to get a few projects that have been in the works for a while wrapped up, so that I can now enjoy my maternity leave a bit.

But as the exhaustion begins to fade, and my baby-brain and c-section scar continue to heal (admittedly, it took me almost a minute today to come up with the name Burundi) I have been trying to get back into work and into what has been going on in the world of global health. While I was away, I missed blogging about a lot of important issues, including the whole Millennium Villages Debacle, the launch of a new US government funded initiative to reduce maternal mortality, and the election of Jim Kim to the head of the World Bank. Fortunately, I am sure that a lot more good stuff on its way soon. Hopefully my brag worthy life events will allow me some time to write about them again.

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  1. Charles Chima says:

    Congrats! Karen, Adrien is certainly more than brag-worthy. Surely we have missed your insightful thoughts and perceptions on events in the global health arena in the past few months but it obviously was for a greater cause. I wish you a speedy healing of the c-section scar and and a re-invigorating maternity leave.

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