I am hiring in Kenya

On January 31, 2012, in jobs, Kenya, by Karen Grepin

I will be kicking off 2 exciting maternal health experiments in Kenya in the coming months: one looking at the impact of financial and informational incentives in incentivizing use of maternal health services in Western Kenya and the other looking at the savings behavior of pregnant women in Nairobi. For both, my awesome co-authors and I are looking to hire a full-time Research Assistant to work for us and with our collaborating partners in Kenya – who are also awesome.

We are looking for people who could start in the few months (ideally in March), have solid quantitative training at least at the undergraduate level (masters preferred), and who are willing to commit to these projects for at least a year, ideally more. Some developing country experience is desired, although if your training is amazing, we might overlook it. If you are interested, google me and send me your CV. Please only email me if meet the above criteria.

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    Maternal health project: RT @KarenGrepin: I am hiring in #Kenya http://t.co/4IjMDuoV

  3. LL says:

    #Kenyan tweeps @KarenGrepin is hiring a Research Assistant based in Kenya http://t.co/ZzaKHNw0 #maternalhealth #WesternKenya #Nairobi

  4. RT @KarenGrepin: I am hiring in Kenya http://t.co/8SJfs8vN

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    RT @KarenGrepin: I am hiring in Kenya http://t.co/jM3CZGS6

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  7. Debbie Koh says:

    2 research positions for incentivizing #maternalhealth, savings behaviors RT @KarenGrepin: I am hiring in Kenya http://t.co/Q9XmY8Dv

  8. RT @KarenGrepin: I am hiring in Kenya http://t.co/vzfWa87U

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