I wanted to bring to your attention another special supplement that I think will be of interest to many readers of this blog. Sponsored by ICAP, the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes has released a special supplement on the topic of HIV and Health Systems.

As you all know the scale up of HIV programs in low-income settings has been unprecedented in global health and by most metrics incredibly successful. While others, including myself, have wondered if the ends have really justified the means. There are no easy answers to these questions and so the debate continues, many of the articles in the supplement further this debate. All of the articles are available to readers free of charge.

The success of the HIV programs has lead many to wonder whether these investments should be used to begin to deliver a broader package of health services. Many of the articles talk about the prospects of integration of other health services, especially non-communicable disease services, through existing HIV infrastructure. I have an article in this supplement where I caution against moving forward with these well intentioned efforts without fully considering the potential trade-offs.

The supplement will be officially launched this upcoming weekend a special pre-IAS conference meeting on HIV and Non-Communicable Diseases. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend, but I am looking forward to getting updates on the debates.

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    HIV and Health Systems: Can't we all just get along? http://t.co/EhDhPfF (blog pos) #globalhealth

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