As a follow-on to my post yesterday, I also wanted to link to a special supplement of Health Policy and Planning that was released last week that contains more research articles on the role of the private health care sector in various international contexts.

I particularly enjoyed the review of the role of the private sector in the delivery of vaccinations in low income countries, an activity that I have always ascribed exclusively to the public sector. I think this further emphasizes the point I tried to make yesterday: that efforts to improve health in low income countries need to be aware the role the private sector is playing and needs to engage them as appropriate.

Here is a list of the articles, all of which are free to download (Kudos HPP), contained in this supplement. Happy Reading!

B C Forsberg, D Montagu, and J Sundewall: Moving towards in-depth knowledge on the private health sector in low- and middle-income countries

Ann Levin and Miloud Kaddar: Role of the private sector in the provision of immunization services in low- and middle-income countries

Anna Heard, Maya Kant Awasthi, Jabir Ali, Neena Shukla, and Birger C Forsberg: Predicting performance in contracting of basic health care to NGOs: experience from large-scale contracting in Uttar Pradesh, India

Sachiko Ozawa and Damian G Walker: Comparison of trust in public vs private health care providers in rural Cambodia

Bruno Meessen, Maryam Bigdeli, Kannarath Chheng, Kristof Decoster, Por Ir, Chean Men, and Wim Van Damme: Composition of pluralistic health systems: how much can we learn from household surveys? An exploration in Cambodia

Gerald Bloom, Hilary Standing, Henry Lucas, Abbas Bhuiya, Oladimeji Oladepo, and David H Peters: Making health markets work better for poor people: the case of informal providers

Ha Nguyen: The principal-agent problems in health care: evidence from prescribing patterns of private providers in Vietnam

Nirali M Shah, Wenjuan Wang, and David M Bishai: Comparing private sector family planning services to government and NGO services in Ethiopia and Pakistan: how do social franchises compare across quality, equity and cost?

Sara Sulzbach, Susna De, and Wenjuan Wang: The private sector role in HIV/AIDS in the context of an expanded global response: expenditure trends in five sub-Saharan African countries

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  1. Karen Grepin says:

    More research on the role of the private sector in health systems: #globalhealth

  2. More research on the role of the private sector in health systems: #globalhealth

  3. IHS says:

    More research on the role of the private sector in health systems: #globalhealth

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