Summer Travels: Ghana and Morocco

On June 20, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Karen Grepin

I am minutes from taking off for a few weeks of research and work in Africa. First up, I am going to Ghana where I am working on a survey with Kim Yi Dionne from Texas A&M University to understand the importance of different health concerns to regular Ghanaians and to those involved in the health system and what factors might help to explain what they prioritize.

Then, I am off to Rabat, Morocco for a conference on maternal mortality. Morocco is one of those countries that has been a real outlier – the good kind – with regards to maternal mortality. I am really looking forward to engaging with the country officials who have been involved with this work.

I’ll be blogging and tweeting, while on the road when it is possible but I like to send out these notes in case any of you are also in those places and want to connect.

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6 Responses to “Summer Travels: Ghana and Morocco”

  1. Karen Grepin says:

    Where I will be for the next few weeks RT @KarenGrepin: Summer Travels: Ghana and Morocco

  2. just a bit on what I'm doing in #Ghana w/@karengrepin #health #priorities #research

  3. eric ansong says:

    "@dadakim: just a bit on what I'm doing in #Ghana w/@karengrepin #health #priorities #research"

  4. thomy tonia says:

    I look forward to reading all about your visits! have a good trip!

  5. Tom Stocker says:

    Hi, please post initial findings! I’m going to Ghana this summer as well and need some back-ground reading 🙂

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