There is a new and exciting toy coming our way this week from Seattle…and I don’t mean the iPad2 (although I am looking forward to that too as I will soon be inheriting my husband’s *old* iPad). What I am talking about is a new web portal called the Global Health Data Exchange (GHDx) hosted by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Getting good quality publicly accessible data in global health is challenging – I know. The big exception of course are the excellent Demographic and Health Surveys, which I have used a lot over the years, but there are tons of great datasets out there, including hundreds of great household surveys and censuses that exist in statistical offices around the world, it has just been very difficult to get access to them. It looks like this is about to change.

On Monday, during the Global Health Metrics and Evaluation conference in Seattle the IHME will be launching this new web portal where they have collected and made publicly available lots of new and hopefully very useful data. They claim the site will have upwards of 1000 datasets by the time it launches on Monday and hopes to grow it substantially in the coming months.

I managed to set up an account today and started to play around and was quite impressed with the offerings. There are 889 household surveys listed (the data was not available for download yet) from the “Afghanistan – Kabul Global Youth Tobacco Survey 2004” to the “Zimbabwe Young Adult Reproductive Health Survey 2001-2002”.

I’ll be attending the GHME conference in Seattle next week where I will be presenting some work with co-authors Nandini Oomman (CGD), Christina Droggitis (CGD), and Jing Dong (NYU) on maternal mortality declines. I hope to be blogging and tweeting away (follow me, the conference, or the #GHME2011).

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