Chronic Diseases seem to finally be attracting more attention within the Global Health Policy community.  This December’s issue of Health Affairs takes a real “global” look at the topic and it contains a series of interesting research articles that look at house a number of countries, mostly from Latin America but also in Europe, are tackling these diseases worldwide.  There is some fascinating stuff here and I would encourage you to have a browse if you are interested in this stuff.

A few highlights from the issue:

1.  Amanda Glassman and colleagues, the newest member of the CGD Global Health Team, looks at the burden of chronic diseases throughout Latin America in the Caribbean.  Some startling facts: almost one in ten residents of Mexico City are believed to have diabetes and more than half of urban residents of Brazil are believed to have high cholesterol.

2.  My NYU colleague James Macinko and co-authors look at how the expansion of primary care services in Brazil may have led to decreased hospitalizations for chronic diseases.

3.  Ricardo Bitran and colleagues look at how expansion of health insurance in Chile may have led to lower rates of hospitalization and mortality.  When I was studying my masters in Health Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health I spent a month in Chile studying the design and adoption of these health reforms, so it is exciting to see research on the outcomes of these reforms.

There is more good stuff there, so have a look.

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    Battling chronic disease worldwide including contributions from @glassmanamanda and others (

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