Yes, Geneva has the World Health Organization, the Global Fund, GAVI and dozens of other global health organizations.  Sure Seattle has the Gates Foundation and now the University of Washington – a new powerhouse in Global Health.  Of course DC is where much of the power and money for US based Global Health flows.  Yes, Boston has lots of fancy Universities and Schools of Public Health.  But this week, this week New York City is the place to be if you are interested in Global Health.  And that is where I will be.

I’ll be running around town taking advantage of the fact that bloggers are now considered “media” trying to cover a number of the UN Summit on the Millenium Development Goals.  Here is where I will be:

  • On Monday, I will be blogging live from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation organized TedxChange event starting at 11 a.m. EST.
  • Also on Monday, I hope to be able to attend the Ministerial Roundtable on Achieving MDG4: Power of Vaccines and Partnerships To Reduce Deaths organized by the GAVI Alliance.
  • On Monday night after I lecture in my Global Health Policy Class, I’ll be rushing off to attend the second half of the Pneumonia’s Last Syrah event organized as a part of World Pneumonia Day.
  • On Tuesday, and part of the rest of the week, I’ll be attending the UN Week Digital Media Lounge, organized by the UN Foundation, Mashable and the 92 Y.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, I will also be giving a guest lecture at Weil Cornell Medical School on the role of donors and the international community in influencing Global Health priorities.  I don’t think this is open to the public.
  • Tuesday evening, I will be attending a Tweet-up called ICTinNYC.
  • Wednesday, I will be attending an MDG Side Event called “AIDS plus MDGs: Delivering Results towards Shared Commitments”, hosted by UNAIDS.
Somewhere in there I’ll be trying to do my day jobs too, good luck, huh?  But I’ll be tweeting from most of these events, and hope to get a few blog posts up there as well.  If you are in town, and plan to be at some of these events, let me know.  It would be great to say hi!
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2 Responses to “One more reason why living in New York City is amazing”

  1. T Warrington says:

    Isn't Gates Foundation and UW in Seattle, WA?

  2. Karen Grepin says:

    Ugh…yes typo fixed. One should not nurse a 4 month old and blog at the same time!

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