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On September 16, 2010, in global health, links, by Karen Grepin
It seems hard for me to believe, but I have now been blogging about global health at this location for over two years.  I started this blog mostly as a way for me to help sort out all of the stuff running through my head while I was finishing up my dissertation in Health Policy at Harvard.  Surprisingly, people started to read it and my readership has grown steadily over the years.  When I started blogging, there were not that many global health blogs out there, and many of the blogs that existed then are no longer around.  I personally find subscribing and reading blogs is the best way to keep up to date with current debates in global health policy and an important part of what I do every day.
On my blog, I try to provide coverage of a wide-range of global health issues.  While my primary goal is to help interpret and advertise new policy relevant research, I also try to provide coverage of events, current debates, and other issues.  The blogs that I read, and tend to enjoy reading the most, are the blogs where I can also learn a thing or two, in particular those that are also good at providing updates on research related work.  
Here are a list of some of the global health or international health blogs that I read regularly.  Admittedly, there is a bias towards more policy oriented blogs – because that I what I enjoy.  I’ve tried to organize them in such a way that people can decide which blogs are most relevant to them.  As well, I have provided some links to other web based resources that I think people interested in global health should know about.  Many of these people are also on twitter, so where possible I have included their twitter name so you can track them down there as well.  
Happy reading!
Best general global health blogs:  
1.  Center for Global Development Global Health Policy Blog: Nandini Oomman (@NandiniOomman), Mead Over, Nancy Birdsall (@nancymbirdsall), Christina Droggitis, Bill Savedoff and a few others contribute to this great policy blog.  It provides excellent coverage of topics that are related to the focus areas of the Center for Global Development’s Global Health team, including HIV/AIDS, maternal health, health systems, aid effectiveness, and other important topics.  Also see the related CGD blogs which also provide coverage of related development policy issues.
2.  The Wherever-Alanna-is-Writing-Now Blog: Alanna Shaikh (@alanna_shaikh) has been blogging about global health and other development issues for a while now on her Blood and Milk blog, the UN Dispatch health blog, and as a guest blogger elsewhere.  Never one to hold back, Alanna is a great person to read about controversial topics in global health.
3.  Devi Sridhar (@devisridhar), a post-doctoral fellow at All Souls College at Oxford and a colleague officially launched her own global health blog a few weeks back.  Devi is an expert on Global Health Governance and she talks a great deal about related issues on her blog.  She is also one of the authors of one of the books I have recommended on my “Best Readings in Global Health” list.
4.  Humanosphere: Tom Paulson (@tompaulson) is a Seattle-based reporter and has recently launched a great global health blog covering a wide range of topics and news items, with a focus on what is going on in the Seattle area – what he describes as the ” the epicenter of a global effort to beat back poverty and illness in the poorest corners of the world”.  Perhaps.  Regardless, his blog is always informative and usually a lot of fun.  I’ve really enjoyed reading this over the past few months.
5.  Sarah Boseley’s (@sarahboseley) Global Health Blog: the health editor of the Guardian in the UK, Sarah provides great coverage of current newsworthy global health items.  She is always very good at raising some very important questions.
Specialized global health blogs:
1. End the Neglect: If the Neglected Tropical Diseases are still not receiving as much attention from the global health community than they deserve, it is not because this blog is not trying hard to raise their profile.  Instead of having one central blogger, this blog has been working hard to solicit NTD related blog posts from other bloggers and contributors.  It works.
2.  Topnamen:  What this blog lacks in quantity, it certainly makes up for it in quality.  This blog is written by Naman Shah, and MD/PhD student at the University of North Carolina and is self described as a blog about “miscellaneous malaria news and discussion” it is actually a really well researched and informative blog about what is important in the malaria world.  I’ve learned a lot by reading this blog.
3.  Maternal Health Taskforce’s blog: This blog is an excellent source of information on things maternal health.  They keep me up to date on new publications, upcoming events, and research opportunities.
4.  Malaria Matters:  Bill Brieger (@bbbrieger) is Professor in the Health Systems Program of the Department of International Health at Johns Hopkins University as well as the Senior Malaria Adviser for JHPIEGO.  Bill provides excellent coverage of issues related to malaria and health systems.  His blog played a big part in inspiring me to start my own blog.
5.’s Blog:  If there is a new scientific discovery that has changed the way in which the scientific community thinks about global health, you’ll hear about it here first.  Paul Chinnock and the rest of the editorial team here spend hundreds of hours scouring the medical and biomedical journals so you don’t have to!
Web-based global health resources:
1. Kaiser Family Foundation Global Health Policy:  keeping with the tradition of being the go to place for information for domestic health policy, the Global Health Team (see @J_Schiff) KFF has done a darn good job at pulling together all the best news items in global health on a daily basis.  It also provides great coverage of upcoming global health events, in particular those in DC. 
2. Global Health Council: the Global Health Council’s website has lots of information for those interested in global health, including a great global health career site, and information on upcoming events.
3.  The Global Health Hub:  This is a new site but so far what I see I really like.  This site, which is edited by Sarah Arnquist (@sarnquist) uses nifty software to automatically pull in global health content from across the web on global health.  Material is organized by disease/topical area and also includes information on things like careers.
4.  RSS subscription to major journals including Lancet, BMJ, the PLoS journals, and others:  If you want to keep up to date with your favorite journals, why not add the TOC feeds to your RSS reader?
If you are new to the blogosphere, and don’t currently subscribe to blogs I would recommend reading this post by Owen Barder (@owenbarder) (who runs a great general development blog, and also provides frequent coverage of health issues) on how to quickly become a savvy blog reader.

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  1. Amanda Makulec says:

    Thanks for the excellent list – this post will be one of my new links I send to people who ask what would be good for them to read if they want to learn more about global health. Much appreciated!

  2. Nandini Oomman says:

    Thanks for the shout out Karen–for CGD GH Policy Blog and to individuals who contribute. Great list and like previous commenter, I will keep this handy to pass on but with your name/blog added.

  3. Jaclyn says:

    These are some of my favorite global health blogs too. Really nice list and I very much appreciate the shout out. It's also great that this is a growing community with more interesting voices jumping in.

  4. Simon Wright says:

    In the Resources, I would also recommend the Eldis online resource centre produced by the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex (UK).

    Their health pages are very useful:

  5. order aldactone says:

    sources, I would also recommend the Eldis online resource centre produced by the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex (UK).

  6. Emily Lu says:

    Thanks @alanna_shaikh! RT @Karengrepin has a great list cc:@pbjpaulito

  7. Nice little round up of the best global health blogs by @KarenGrepin:

  8. END7 says:

    @KarenGrepin: Best global health blogs #NTDs

  9. END7 says:

    @KarenGrepin: Best global health blogs #NTDs

  10. Lisa Jemus says:

    @KarenGrepin: Best global health blogs #NTDs

  11. Lisa Jemus says:

    @KarenGrepin: Best global health blogs #NTDs

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