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On August 22, 2010, in global health, jobs, by Karen Grepin

A lot of people frequently write to me asking about job opportunities in global health.  Similarly, a lot of people also write to me when they are looking to hire stellar candidates for global health jobs.  In the past, I have really tried to play a really great matchmaker, however, as the blog has the traffic on jobs and I can no longer keep up.

So, if you are interested in finding a job in global health, I would encourage you to join a google group that I have put together on opportunities in Global Health.  Only I can send emails to the list, so won’t get spammed.  You can subscribe daily or as a weekly digest.  I typically send out a handful of emails of week.  The jobs I send tend to be primarily for masters level students (although there are the occasional jobs for undergraduate and doctoral candidates) and be more policy or research related.  I may also post a number of related posts, in particular for job opportunities in the NYC area since many of my NYU-Wagner students are also on this lis.  Feel free to subscribe and unsubscribe as you desire!

And, if you are looking to hire someone for a great global health, send me an email to karengrepin (dot) blog (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send it along.

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I wanted to make sure that readers of this blog were aware of the abstract deadlines for two great global health conferences:

1.  The 2nd conference of the African Health Economics Association (Dakar, March 2011) are due on August 31, 2010.  I attended the inaugural conference of the AfHEA two years ago in Ghana and really enjoyed the conference.  It was a great group of mostly African scholars with some really interesting research sessions.  On top of that, the Ghanaian hosts showed us top notch hospitality, which led to some embarrassing dancing by many…

2.  Unite for Sight: Although originally just a conference on improving eye care in the developing world, this conference has developed into one of the largest annual global health conferences.  Abstracts for this conference, which will be next April in New Haven, CT are due on August 15, 2010.

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