Update on health reform in China

On April 1, 2010, in China, health reform, by Karen Grepin

The current issue of the Lancet is devoted to the topic of health reforms in China.  The Lancet put together a themed edition on the Chinese health care system nearly 18 months ago and this week’s issue is an update on progress to date.  The editors argue that with regards to the health reform process:

“…there is unfinished business. Smoking is China’s greatest public health hazard, yet tobacco control efforts are timid and implementation lacks conviction. Ethics, including research conduct and governance, remain a concern. Contamination of infant milk formulas with melamine contributed to continuing disquiet about China’s Food and Drug Administration. And little progress has been seen in human rights or access to general information. The latter point—access to reliable information—is a key determinant for the quality of health care that people in China can expect.”

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