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On March 20, 2010, in global health, jobs, by Karen Grepin

It is that time of the year again when hundreds of new masters and undergraduate students are actively on the hunt for their first job in global health. I have received emails from dozens of people over the past few weeks asking about good sources for jobs on global health, so I decided to put a post out there for all to see. If you email me again, I apologize, but I may just forward you a link to this blog posting. Here are some sites to get you started:

First, the Global Health Council maintains a great website called the “Global Health Career Network“. This is a great, and free, resources, that should certainly be starting your point for any job search in global health in the United States. Most big global health groups will now advertise through this site and there are some really interesting jobs on there. Also, the global health council will shortly be hosting their annual global health conference in Washington D.C. If you are not too far away, you may also wish attending at least one day of this conference to visit the booths at the expo where there are lots of companies advertising positions or even just about their work. I suspect the Unite for Sight conference coming up in a few weeks at Yale might have a similar component, but I do not know this for sure.

Second, consider searching on non-traditional websites for job announcements, for example Twitter. I try to retweet most global health job announcements I see, so you may wish to consider following me (that is if you can put up with the rest of my ramblings). But twitter is also searchable, and you may wish to search for terms like #globalhealth and #jobs. You might be surprised as to what you will find. Dozens of international health organizations are now on Twitter and many of them are actively using Twitter and other forms of social media to let the world know what is going on inside their walls.

Third, if you are currently a student at a University you should really be thinking about reaching out to the faculty at your University who are involved in work related to your interests. I am amazed at the amount of job announcements I have started to receive since becoming a faculty member. We can be incredibly hooked into what is going on. There is little risk of just reaching out to these people, telling them your interests, with a good version of your resumé and you will never know what might happen. 

My first job in global health came to me this way.

Finally, as of March 19, 2010 I have seen interesting job postings at the following organizations, who generally are big employers of masters and undergraduate students with interests in global and public health:

JSI – including a few interesting jobs at their new San Francisco Office


USAID’s Global Health Fellows Program

Center for Global Development – Very competitive but perhaps one of the most exciting places I could
think of working right now


Happy job hunting!

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  1. Michael Keizer says:

    Sorry to beat my own drum here…

    Those who are looking for jobs specifically in global health logistics should also follow my blog, where I regularly post job listings in the area.

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