Ever wondered about the distribution of mosquito around the world? Ever want to know what the most common species of mosquito where you live? Well look no further – introducing MosquitoMap

MosquitoMap is: “…is a geospatially referenced clearinghouse for mosquito species collection records and distribution models. Users can pan and zoom to anywhere in the world to view the locations of past mosquito collections and the results of modeling that predicts the geographic extent of individual species.”

I am sure this is an enormously useful tool for people who know and care about this stuff, but I just thought it was pretty nifty for mapping the little buggers. Turns out the distribution of these pests is enormously complex and poorly understood: “It is often erroneously assumed that a great deal is known about mosquito systematics and distributions. One reason is that because of their medical importance mosquitoes have been and continue to be thoroughly studied. This can be said perhaps for the 200 or so vector and pest species, about 80 (out of 460) of which are Anopheles malaria vectors. However, there are about 3500 described species (WRBU Mosquito Catalog; Harbach & Howard, 2007, European Mosquito Bulletin, 23: 1-66), most of which are relatively poorly known. Recently, molecular methods have shown, that many Anopheles vector species belong to morphologically similar or indistinguishable species complexes.”.

 Wow, 3500 described species…I learn something new every day.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Here's another similar vector mapping site, FWIW.


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