The March edition of Health Policy and Planning has a review and a series of commentaries devoted to the topic of scaling up of global health initiatives in health systems. Most of these articles are available free of charge so you might be interested in checking them out (and while you are there – check out the editor’s choice article too!).

1. In a review, Lindsay Mangham and Kara Hanson provide an overview of the literature on the concept of “scaling-up” including an attempt to define the term formally. The authors write:

“We argue that the notion of scaling up is primarily used to describe the ambition or process of expanding the coverage of health interventions, though the term has also referred to increasing the financial, human and capital resources required to expand coverage.”

They then go on to review efforts to analyze and evaluate such initiatives. It is a good overview for those interested in this topic.

2. Lucy Gilson and Helen Schneider discuss how to the political commitment that is required to support the calls to scale-up programs – a missed opportunity.

3. Viroj Tangcharoensathien and Walaiporn Patcharanarumol discuss important opportunities and challenge that have resulted due to the creation of new global health initatives.

4. Finally, and although not free of charge, Rifat Atun, Thyra de Jongh, Federica Secci, my friend Kelechi Ohiri, and Olusoji Adeyi propose a framework to analyze the integration of vertical and horizontal programs in health systems. I have already recommended this reading to my undergraduate students this spring.

Happy Reading!

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