Here is a round-up of interesting tid-bits on the web on other blogs this week:

1. I find Owen Barder’s blog “Owen Abroad” a real delight to read. I liked this posting to a poster showing the size of Africa relative to other areas in the world and his commentary on why we could use more aid innovations like the AMC program for vaccines.

2. It is hard to believe, but Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso and one of the hottest and driest capitals in the world is currently experiencing severe flooding. The BBC recently released these photos of the flooding. Tens of thousands, if not more, of this “small city of a million people” have been left homeless. Tragic.

3. The Making Pregnancy Safer unit of the WHO has released these case studies of maternal and child health indicators in many developing countries. Looks promising.

4. The Lancet group has launched a new global health journal called “International Health“. I myself have frequently struggled for a good home for some of my work – which is not really medical journal worthy but that is what the Lancet is. I am hopeful but was not terribly excited by the first edition. But fingers crossed.

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  1. April says:

    I'm with you Karen – the launch issue of the Lancet's new journal is not encouraging. Too bad. We could use a great journal in that space – as you suggest.

    Health Affairs is seeking to fill some of that space with their expansion into global health topics. Their thematic issue which came out this summer was way more interesting than the Lancet journal

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