Two great videos from Africa, addressing totally different issues, caught me eye today and thought I would pass them along:

1. Nigerians now drink more Guinness than the Irish, making it the second largest market for the product after the UK. A few years ago, I scuba dived in Tanzania with a girl who was responsible for the supply chain for Guinness bottles in Cameroon and I learned so much about the hold that this brand has over the region. Christian Purefoy documents the keys to Guinness success in Nigeria – despite all the reasons why most foreign companies shy away from investments in this country.

2. Via the Africa Works blog, a new video available on YouTube documents a traditional circumcision ceremony in Uganda. The reporter, Juliet Torome, makes the connection between the practice and the growing interest in circumcision from the public health community as a means to reduce HIV-AIDS transmission. But I was struck by how important this procedure in so many cultures, how culture-specific the practice is (the reporter was Kenyan and found the procedure very foreign), and just how challenging it will be to apply the bio-medical model to this practice. How on earth does one scale up ceremonies like this to the national level???

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