Greetings from my new home in New York City! After a hectic month of dealing with the logistics of selling a house and moving to the City, I am finally settled into my new apartment in the heart of the Village. There is still lots to do to get fully moved in and ready for the school term, but I am looking forward to the new adventures.

Here are some links to some things I found interesting on the net this week:

1. Ted Kennedy’s passing is a great loss to the United States and many have already begun to debate the effect of his death on the passage of a health insurance bill – as he has long been a strong champion for universal coverage. As Alanna Shaikh has argued on her Global Health blog, the Global Health community has also lost a hero. This sentiment has been echoed elsewhere by others who have also seen him to be a champion for global health issues from HIV/AIDS to the control of neglected tropical diseases.

2. A great link was posted this week on the excellent Global Health News Feed that was launched earlier this year by the Kaiser Family Foundation (sign up if you have not already) to “The Tobacco Atlas” an interactive site that allows you to get information on smoking rates and other indicators of this worst risk factor known to man.

3. Time has a great article on the power of plain old zinc tables and the tremendous impact they are having at reducing childhood deaths from diarrhea in the developing world.

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  1. Karen Alison says:

    Hi Karen,
    I just came across your link to the Time article about zinc and diarrhea. How intriguing that one nutrient can provide a relatively simple, non-toxic and inexpensive solution to this often fatal problem. I'm assuming the zinc must act as an anti-bacterial and /or anti-viral agent. Makes me wonder if zinc could also play a role in helping people with diarrhea related to chronic conditions such as Crohn's, Colitis and IBS.

    Thanks for posting this link.

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