I’ve been on the road quite a bit the past few weeks, but have finally settled into the South of France in a lovely little town in the Var where my in-laws now live. In addition to great food, a fabulous pool, and lovely views my in-laws also have unblocked high-speed internet. It is great to be connected again. One more week of this and I should be ready to take on the real world again!

Here are some links to things on the net I really liked this week:

1. The BBC asked its readers if we are “Failing HIV/AIDS patients” in Africa in their Have your Say section. Lots of junk in the comments, but so far over 600 comments have been posted. I found some of them quite interesting and to see how much lack of consensus there really is on this issue.

2. I had wondered where the Obama’s would stay on their recent trip to Accra. As it turns out, they chose the brand spanking new Holiday Inn near the airport. Not exactly known as the most luxuriest choice but certainly the newest and most American. I guess that makes sense.

3. Is AIDS exceptionalism defensible? Stephen Lewis, the former UN Advisor on HIV/AIDS in Africa argues that it is. If you have ever seen this guy in person, he is an eloquent speaker and I am sure he was very persuasive. I tend to disagree.

4. Alanna Shaikh argues on her blog why she is against a Global Fund for Maternal Health. I tend to agree.

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  1. Simon says:

    With regard to Aids exceptionalism, I disagree with Stephen too! But I wonder why so many are defending it at the moment…

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