The time I went to China and left on the iron

On June 11, 2009, in Uncategorized, by Karen Grepin

Sometimes, I am not very intelligent. A few years back I went on a trip to China with my husband. On our first dinner in Beijing, I thought to myself “Did I turn off the Iron?”. So for the rest of the trip I was haunted by the fear that I had left it on. When I turned the corner onto my street upon my return I was happy to see my house was not in ashes. However, I actually had left the iron on and although it must have gone on and off, it was definitely hot when I got back. I could have benefitted from one of these:

In fact, I thought a few of these vintage health and safely posters being distributed by Vintagraph were quite cute and makes me nostalgic about the post-germ theory pre-antibiotic years.

Like what about this one?

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  1. Cheasty says:

    I love these! A friend of mine is working on the US Armed Forces health campaigns in Panama, related to the soldiers' frequent visits with local sex workers, and Panamanians' reactions. Some of the visual aids he's found are simply hilarious.


    and for unrelated but still wonderful propaganda, he also found these:

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