It is official: Obama, and his wife Michelle, will be making their first official trip to Africa in a few weeks. Specifically, they have decided to visit Ghana on their first official trip to the continent as the first family (Michelle and Barack visited Kenya together years ago). OMG the place is going to be crazy, I really want to go too!

Eric Goosby was recently named new head of PEPFAR. Here is your chance to hear him speak live. The Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria is hosting their annual global health annual conference in D.C. in about a month. He will be there, as will tons of other really interesting speakers. This might be just the excuse I need to visit friends in D.C.!

Finally, my future colleague Jonathan Morduch and his colleagues have recently released a book called “Portfolios of the Poor: how the poor live on $2 a day“. I have not read it yet, but it looks really interesting. Little is known about how people in poor countries actually spend their money and balance their finances. The book is based on academic research effort at the FAI that collected detailed financial data on poor households in Bangladesh and South Africa. Health care costs, surprise surprise, figure prominently. This is definitely on my reading list for the summer.

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