A shot of protection circa 1976

On May 2, 2009, in influenza, public health, by Karen Grepin

I am now part way through an article I sent along a few days back which documents the choices made by government officials in 1976 when faced with a potential Swine Flu pandemic. Eventually the decision was made to distribute a vaccine, however, the disease never spread beyond a small group of Soldiers leading many to argue that public funds were “wasted“. The epidemic had not spread, so in my mind it is hard to call this too much of a failure.

I saw a link this morning to these really great public service announcements from 1976 advertising the need to get a Swine Flu shot. “Swine Flu…hey I am too fast for it to catch me!”. They are great, so I have linked to them here. I hope such tacky videos will still be needed in the era of Twitter and Facebook as I look forward to making fun of them for years to come.

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