High risk of polio spread in Eastern Africa

On March 3, 2009, in epidemiology, polio, by Karen Grepin

The WHO and others have reported that polio may be spreading in Eastern Africa. There have been isolated cases of polio in Sudan and Ethiopia, however, it appears as though polio may have surfaced in other parts of Sudan and may have spread to surrounding countries in Uganda and Kenya.

In Uganda, the cases of polio are the first reported cases in nearly 13 years. In Sudan, a case has been reported in one of the port cities leading epidemiologist to worry that the disease may spread quickly. If these stories are in fact true, this is very troubling news. The Gates Foundation and others have recently renewed efforts to eliminate polio and this could only make things more challenging. Lets hope we get our act together and respond.

You can read more about polio eradication here.

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