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On February 22, 2009, in links, stuff on the net, by Karen Grepin

Here is the latest round up of interesting news articles and postings I liked this week:

1. Paul Chinook discusses how war is likely leading to an increase in cases of diseases like onchocerciasis.

2. The Guardian’s discussion of how people of Zimbabwe are paying dearly for Mugabe’s 85th birthday party, despite the fact that cholera and hunger continues to ravage this nation.

3. Nicholas Kristof bunks with George Clooney in Chad…oh and he talks about genocide as well.

4. Atheendar, an MD/PhD blogger from Yale who I met a few weeks back, discusses a new working paper linking income and health expenditures.

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  1. Alanna says:

    Thanks for the link to Atheen Dar – it looks really interesting.

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