It has been an exciting week around my house: earlier this week Lance Armstrong made his return to professional cycling in the Tour Down Under – Australia’s premiere cycling event. We don’t watch a lot of baseball or football or other major professional sports in our house, but we subscribe to fancy cable for the sole purpose of getting Versus, the only channel that covers the Tour de France and other major cycling events. We watch the various cycling events religiously. I was thrilled that Versus covered the Tour du Faso, a professional cycling race through the pot holed and decrepit highways of my beloved Burkina Faso. We are contemplating a trip to San Francisco in February to see him in the Tour of California and to France in July for the big show.

Why would anyone who has battled cancer, led the most successful cycling career in history, and has dated a steady stream of fashion designers, rock stars, and A-list hollywood actresses since retiring want to get back on a bike and compete in perhaps one of the physically most demanding sporting events in history? Partly because Lance wants to raise awareness of cancer. I was happy to learn through this awareness that he has recently launched a campaign to raise the awareness of cancer around the world. From a press release:

“The LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign will be focused on supporting the 28 million people living with cancer worldwide, dispelling the misconceptions surrounding the disease and urging world leaders to make cancer control a greater priority.”

“We have an ambitious, yet achievable goal in making cancer a global health priority.”

I think it is wonderful that his efforts may raise the profile of cancer around the world and will make it a greater priority on the international health agenda. Go Lance!

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