Despite calls from such groups as the Physicians for Human Rights, the cholera situation in Zimbabwe appears to be continuing to spiral out of control. An news article reports that upwards of 3000 people have now died of the (totally curable) disease and upwards of 50,000 cases of the disease have been reported, and many thousands more are at risk of the disease. To make matters worse, the Red Cross may need to pull out due to the fact that is running out of funding for its mission.

I have a personal suspicion that that arrest of Laurent Nkunda by the Rwandan government during the same week of Obama’s inauguration was no coincidence. Could this be a sign of new American influence on the continent? If so, what could the new Obama administration due for those suffering from Cholera in Southern Africa? Whatever it is, I urge them to act fast. Thousands of lives are at stake.

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  1. Christine Gorman says:

    Hi Karen,
    I don’t have your email but wanted to remind you of “prevention vs. treatment” global health blog carnival happening today. Five posts have gone up so far.

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