All eyes on Ghana

On December 8, 2008, in Ghana, politics, by Karen Grepin

Yesterday was election day in Ghana. Before heading to bed last night, I checked the latest on the polls, which seemed to suggest that the opposition NDC party had an early lead. This morning when I awoke, there was still no official results, but it was then being suggested that the ruling NPP party was in the early lead. So frustrating! I have not been this excited about an election since…well…at least November 4 (OK, bad example).

All eyes are currently on Ghana to see how this election will turn out. From most indications, the elections will go smoothly with no major violence or conflict. President Kuffuor, the current president, already respected term limits and stepped aside for the current election. As of this evening, it appears as though the election will be too close for any one party to get the majority and a run off election will be held in a few weeks.

The stakes are high in this election, not just for the future of Ghana (including deciding how future oil revenues will be spent), but for much of Africa. The outcome of this election could give hope for future elections in the rest of Africa.

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