Donor financing for malaria in Rwanda

On November 1, 2008, in health financing, malaria, Rwanada, by Karen Grepin

Bill Brieger blogged about a session I also attended last week at the APHA conference in San Diego. At the session, an Abt associate presented results on donor financing for malaria in Rwanda. Rwanda is one of the countries which is currently receiving praise for its successes at reducing malaria burden.

What the Abt NHA report shows, is that despite an increase in overall expenditures on malaria, governments expenditures decreased in both relative and absolute terms over this time period. When donors scaled up their support for malaria control, public sources actually dried up.

Should governments be expected to pay for thees programs? Is this an appropriate response of government? It is certainly a move away from sustainability, but at what point do we begin to expect sustainability in financing of large scale programs of this nature?

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