The Globe and Mail ran a story this morning about research coming out of Stanford which suggests that when mixed racial parents have a baby, specifically when a female of Asian descent procreates with a Caucasian male, they may be at a higher risk of requiring a Caesarian section. The reason? They speculate it has a lot to do with what you think it would: Caucasians are on average larger than Asians and mixed parents generate babies with larger heads than Asian pelvises are used to dealing with. Of course there could be a million of other reasons why this might be the case, but the simple explanation seems reasonable enough.

Racially identified research of this nature is at times very controversial, but this type of research may help design treatment protocols that may help improve quality of care globally. Genes are powerful things. It may also help explain some of the variation in rates of caesarian section seen internationally, but perhaps I am speculating a bit now….

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