For those who are still mourning the passing of the late, and great, Allan Rosenfield, it will probably not come as a surprise that – even posthumously – he is continuing to enrich our views of reproductive health policy. This week’s NEJM carries an editorial from him and his colleagues on reproductive health issues in the US. This editorial is timely given that in less than one week, the US will have the chance to elect a new President.

They rightly argue, that the miring of reproductive health issues into debates over religion and personal freedoms, has lead to situation wherein the US now lags far behind all other developed nations with regards to reproductive health indicators, and it may even be the case that the situation is deteriorating. They argue that there is a need to reframe reproductive health issues through the lens of a public health perspective – a perspective that dissociates blame and emphasizes structural factors – to adequately address reproductive issues in the next administration.

He will be missed…

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