Political Economy of Interdisciplinary Research

On September 18, 2008, in research, by Karen Grepin

I thought this was hysterical. From the “Social Science Statistics Blog”:

The Midwest Political Science Association, like most academic associations, charges higher conference registration rates for nonmembers than to members. Hoping to continue to increase attendance by people outside of political science and related fields at its annual meeting, the Association will begin charging the lower (member) rate to registrants who 1) have academic appointments outside of political science or related fields (policy, public administration and political economy) and 2) do not have a PhD in political science or the same related fields.

In addition, the Association grants, on request, a substantial number of conference registration waivers for first time participants who are outside the discipline.

The organizers have assumed that researchers have a steeper elasticity for conferences outsides of their main discipline, and because they are able to discriminate among applicants, they have set up a differential pricing scheme for people outside of their discipline. All this in hopes of generating more interdisciplinary research. Brilliant. I wonder what I should submit….

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